Free yourself from obesity!

Weight Loss Surgery by Beauty Enhance Group.


Obesity has reached epidemic proportions, it is one of the most difficult public health issues our society has faced.

Eating disorders usually lies in some combination of psychosocial, environmental, and genetic or biological attributes. Food is often used as a coping mechanism, Obese people have more risk for:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Higher risk of heart attack
  • Liver disease
  • Higher risk of developing cancer
  • Joint problems (e.g., arthritis)
  • Problems with fertility and pregnancy

It is also detaining you from enjoying a happier life.

Don’t get discouraged, Bariatric and Plastic surgery can help you to restore the damage caused to our bodies after years of abuse.

• Medical studies at Xochicalco University Tijuana (CEUX) – Honoroble mention
• General Surgery Specialized by Tijuana General Hospital 
• Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Specialized by UNEME Tijuana
• Certificate of Laparoscopic and Endoluminal Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, European Acreditation, Strasbourg, France
• Advanced Trauma Life Support (AILS), American College Surgeon Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), American Heart Association
•  Certificate by Mexican Board of General Surgery
• Certificate in Safe Cholecystectomy, Society American of Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgery (SAGES)

• Member of the Mexican College of Surgery in Obesity and Metabolic Diseases
• Founding Member of the College of Bariatric Surgery and Metabolic Diseases of Baja California
• Member of the Tijuana General Surgeons College
• Member of the Mexican association of endoscopic surgery
• Member of the Mexican association of general surgery


Trust is what ends up convincing you to make important changes in your life, especially when they will have a significant impact.My professional life is focused on deliver high quality medical care to my patients, in different areas f surgery including general surgery, advanced laparoscopic, trauma surgery and metabolic-bariatric surgery, providing care to local and foreign patients.

I completed medical school at the Xochicalco University of Tijuana, and later do the residence of surgery at Tijuana General Hospital, an institution recognized nationally for the high quality of surgeons who are formed in its ranks. I supplemented my professional training on High Standard Laparoscopic Surgery and Bariatric Surgery, essential tools for making an avant-grade practice and that allows me to deal with present epidemics as serious as obesity and metabolic diseases derived from it.



Mini Bypass

Performed laparoscopically and is a two part procedure performed by dividing approximately a twenty five percent section of stomach from the rest of the stomach.

Gastric Bypass

It creates a small pouch from the stomach and connects the newly created pouch directly to the small intestine.

Gastric Sleeve

A surgical procedure that favors the weight loss of a patient by restricting the amount of food that can be digested.



Recovery House

Recovery Stay with 24/7 care provided by certified nurses.

Virtual Consultation

An easy and economic option to access a renown and experienced surgeon.



Complementary transportation
Tijuana -San Diego.

Pre-operative Care

We’ll guide you and prepare you for your surgery Pre and Post-op lab work and EKG is included.

Financing Options

Alternatives are available to make your dreamed surgery possible.



Is a medical group of certified experts dedicated to restoring health and self-esteem through surgical procedures and care solutions. 

Our priority is your SAFETY, top notch and accredited facilities, compliant with International safety regulations and under the strict supervision and direction of Dr. Carmina Cardenas.
Bariatric surgery is the fist step towards a healthier and happier life, our board of experts will be able to prepare you for your entire transformation from day 1.

Our services include everything you’ll need to enjoy a smooth and safe recovery.