After weight loss surgery for men and womenDr. Carmina Cardenas has built much of her plastic surgery practice around Body Contouring and After Weight Loss surgeries. Dr. Carmina understands your dreams and needs from her first hand experience with her own personal journey. Having traveled through Weight Loss with Gastric Sleeve Surgery then Plastic Surgery, bringing her dreams of having a flat tight abdomen, a small shapely waist and a lot of curves to a true reality.

Dr. Carmina understands that few weight loss patients considered plastic surgery procedures when beginning their AWL Journey.  While bariatric or natural weight loss can improve and even resolve a patient’s medical problems, it often leaves patients unhappy with the new shape of their bodies after working so hard to loose their desired amount of weight.

We congratulate you on stabilizing your weight and on all the effort and courage it has taken to make the commitment to improve your health and change your lifestyle for the better. Dr. Carmina is looking forward to helping you on your journey to complete your transformation and look as great as you feel. 

AWL patients require the expertise of a surgeon with experience in this area.  Dr. Carmina has countless hours of experience performing AWL procedures. The results with happy patients speak for themselves. 

During your initial in-person consultation, Dr. Carmina will spend as much time as needed evaluating your specific needs and desires. No two patients are alike, and this crucial in-person meeting will help you understand your surgical procedure options and realistic expectations to attain your desired results. In some cases, the Doctor can combine multiple procedures in the same surgery using her meticulous skills and experience and as always with safety being her highest priority.

Dr. Carmina believes strongly that doctor and patient must have a positive, open line of communication, resulting in understanding each other so that both are on the same page. This is an extremely important part Of making a patient happy.

For the majority of AWL patient’s, plastic surgery is a life changing experience.  These procedures are dramatic, achieving a more Youthful balanced and contoured body, improving self-esteem, creating a greater Self-confidence in the new you.

Dr. Carmina’s passion in Plastic Surgery is to achieve excellent results for her patients in a Professional, stress free and safe environment.

If you are interested in learning more about the next step in your journey we are excited and here to help you. Please complete the Virtual Consultation form along with your pictures and send them to us.

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Upper Body Lift
Arm Lift/Torsoplasty
Breast Women
Breast Men
Thigh Lift Procedures
Butt Lift / Augmentation

Please remember we are here to help you, just give us a call or send an email if you would like to check on available surgical dates or have any questions or doubts.  We will be happy to go through every step of your After Weight Loss journey with you.